Bike Repair and Servicing

Here at Southsea Cycles we firmly believe in delivering a workshop experience a cut above our competition, we only use the highest quality parts and lubricants and keep spares for most styles of cycle in stock at all times. 
We pride ourselves on charging no extra for working on electronic gears or e-bikes.
We will of course tackle any problem you have with your bike but our most requested service are below.

Southsea Cycles Workshop Price List 


  • Full safety check
  • Drivetrain inspection & tune
  • Brake inspection & tune 


  • All of our Silver service elements
  • Complete Drivetrain strip and clean in our cleaning unit
  • Bearing inspection and re-grease


  • All Silver and Gold service elements
  • Complete strip/rebuild of your bike inspecting all bearings/threads with new lubricants and greases all round
  • Thorough deep clean of all components and frame of your bike
  • E-bike and electronic shifting diagnostic and firmware updates**
*all services are charged excluding parts.
** where available.
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