Expedition Foods - Custard with Mixed Berries (Breakfast/dessert)

Expedition Foods - Custard with Mixed Berries (Breakfast/dessert)

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Custard with Mixed Berries is a delicious recipe made with blackcurrants, blackberries and raspberries combined with custard powder. This healthy and nutritious dessert can be served after meals or for breakfast. A real treat anywhere in the world, whether running across the Sahara Desert or sailing across the Southern Ocean.

  • Emergency Rations; Food for Outdoor Activities 
  • Long shelf life of up to 5 years  
  • Just add hot (or cold water, if necessary), seal the bag and wait to rehydrate
  • Highest calorie-to-weight ratio  
Dry weight 89g
Gross weight (incl pouch) 104g
Prepared meal weight 304g
Water required 200ml


INGREDIENTS: Whole Milk, Cream (Milk), Custard Powder (Cornflour, Colour E160 (b), Flavouring), Sugar, Mixed Berries (Blackcurrant, Blackberry, Raspberry) (9%).


PREPARATION: REMOVE THE OXYGEN ABSORBER (Sachet) from inside the pouch. Slowly add up to 202ml hot water, stirring as you pour and then close the bag. Wait 5-8 minutes for the food to rehydrate.  Note: Cold water will suffice, however the re-hydration time is longer.

The oxygen absorber helps maintain product freshness and is non toxic. DO NOT EAT.

SHELF LIFE: Up to 5 years

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