Expedition Foods - Porridge with Strawberries 800kcal

Expedition Foods - Porridge with Strawberries 800kcal

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Oats which were introduced to Scotland in about 600 AD, is a porridge commonly eaten for breakfast around the world. Porridge is also used in many cultures as a snack and is often eaten by athletes to fuel their performance in a variety of sports. Our Porridge with Strawberries has been cooked with oats, whole milk, cream and strawberries with some added sugar to make for the perfect breakfast. One of the most popular Expedition Foods meals, you'll be hard pressed to find a better porridge. Just add hot water, stir and wait five minutes. Enjoy anywhere in the world. 

  • Emergency Rations; Food for Outdoor Activities 
  • Long shelf life of up to 5 years  
  • Just add hot (or cold water, if necessary), seal the bag and wait to rehydrate
  • Highest calorie-to-weight ratio  
  450kcal 800kcal 1000kcal
Dry weight 94g 168g 209g
Gross weight (incl pouch) 109g 188g 229g
Prepared meal weight 249g 438g 539g
Water required 140ml 250ml 310ml


INGREDIENTS: Milk, Single Cream (Milk), Rolled Oats (14.5%), Sugar, Strawberries (2%).

ALLERGEN INFORMATION: Contains Milk, Cream, Gluten from Oats.

PREPARATION: REMOVE THE OXYGEN ABSORBER (Sachet) from inside the pouch. Slowly add hot water, stirring as you pour and then close the bag. Wait 5 minutes for the food to rehydrate.  Note: Cold water will suffice, however the re-hydration time is longer.

The oxygen absorber helps maintain product freshness and is non toxic. DO NOT EAT.

SHELF LIFE: Up to 5 years

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